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i'm eleanor osada

i'm a multidisciplinary graphic designer, photographer & all round pixel pusher.
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who is she?

i’m a 26 year old designer based in sunderland, in the north east of england. i have over 13 years of experience, both first using photoshop + owning my first DSLR at age 12.

i am constantly inspired and always finding new ways to challenge myself creatively. i have a BA in interactive media design, and earned a distinction in my MA in design - in which i studied how visual design is utilised in the music industry. 

i enjoy working in the realms of digital photography, merchandise (shirts, posters, pins), cover artwork, brand identity, illustration, tattoo design, videography/video editing, journalism, photo editing, and even sound design — but i am very open to finding more creative outlets that i will probably love. 

when i’m not working, i love to go to concerts and travel - and i often find ways to combine the two. i have also been playing guitar for over 10 years, and bass for about 5. 

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tangible / wearable

merch & apparel

having first tried my hand at designing merch in a contest for clothing chain new look when i was little (not successfully, unsurprisingly), the idea of making whatever you're imagining is in your mind's eye a real, wearable thing has always excited me.

this is my real speciality, especially when given the responsibility of crossing over anything from the audio world into the visual.

concert / portrait / product


capturing a moment is a huge deal - and doing it justice even more so. i used to go to gigs at age 13 with a compact camera, hoping to get at least one good snap.

this eventually grew into a need to deeper understand what i was doing: studying it at A-level, then incorporating it into my masters', taking up film photography, and eventually getting confident enough to shoot near enough every gig i go to (when it's not professionally, i still rely on a trusty little compact).

logo / brand guidelines / packaging

brand identity

identity is at the forefront of all we do: who we are, how we present, the impression we make. i love developing a brand - whether it's from the ground up, a refresh, or a total overhaul.

admat / promo / tour

poster design

working within a limited space is a challenge i always like to take on. as with most things i make, i love experimenting with type, shape + colour to design things that really jump off the wall.

singles / eps / albums

cover art

relating to my MAsters, i love to listen to something and - alongside the artist - bring it to life as truthfully as possible.

cover artwork is still front and centre whether streaming or handling a gatefold vinyl. your eyes judge first, and ultimately imprint on your memory of the music. let's make it good!

corrective / colouring / graphic

photo editing

every side of photo editing really interests me, from making an image a little more fun with graphics and illustrations, going pixel by pixel to edit out any obstacles, or simply tweaking and colour correcting to really make a picture its absolute best.

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